Fantasy World

by Bloth

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released November 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Bloth Appleton, Wisconsin

Bloth is a Fox Valley Wisconsin based multi-instrumentalist that composes and records his own albums. Each album that Bloth creates has it's own sound and theme, but is always done with a Do-It-Yourself Punk Rock aesthetic.
Some artists that Bloth has been compared to include Pat The Bunny, Daniel Johnston, Cage The Elephant, Thurston Moore and Neutral Milk Hotel.
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Track Name: Conversation
I don't know how to start a conversation
I don't know how to end a conversation
I don't care how it starts or how it ends
All I really wanna know
Is how to talk to you

I'm tired of wasting time
Not being around you
I'm tired of wasting time
Your smile is sunshine
I'm tired of wasting time
Not being around you
I'm tired of wasting time
Wishing that you were mine
Track Name: Find My Way
you are so far away
when I met you in that place
you left with out a trace
but you were on my mind
you are like outer space
like something I cannot attain
that takes my breath away
but I could find my way to you
yes I know that I will be able to

Find my way to you
'cause dreams they can come true
we don't have to pretend
this is not the end
it's just the beginning

I'm so glad you hold me dear
but I wish that you were near
your substance disappears
In the fog formed by the miles
I'm gonna make my way down the coast
to what matters the most
I'm gonna hit the open road
and find my way to you
and I know that I will be able to
Track Name: Unpredictable Love
I can never decide with you
it's unpredictable
I can't make my decision
When I try my head feels full
Maybe if I could read your mind
for one moment I would know
I can't help what I feel
Sometimes I wish I could let go

Always the thought is reoccuring
In my mind I think of you
My feelings flip flopping and turning
I can't think to act before I do

I can never decide with you
it's unpredictable
Sometimes I think you're stuck like me
But how am I to know?
We said we're moving on
was it too much
to make some love again?
I wanted to feel your touch
Track Name: I don't know
I don't know what to do
should I tell the truth
It's obviously going to be a lie
I play my cards much too quick
as the thin becomes too thick
the veil is lifted off my eys

I'm running away from all that doesn't reflect my goals
And I know there's nothing anyone can do to stop me
I'm going to break the rules, I'm going to build my own world
And i know there is nothing that you can do to stop me

I don't know what's the use trying to speak the truth
I explain it and it becomes shit
maybe I shouldnt be such an eager man of honesty
sometimes my thoughts aren't need
or advice
Track Name: Living the Dream?
Track Name: Waste of Time
I don't see why I should waste my time
Trying to keep you by my side
When I know you will never be satisfied with anything I do
I have Always loved you from the start
But I'm starting to have a change of heart
I'm growing tired of wasting all my time
Trying to Impress you

There's nothing here to gain
If you don't think things need to change
I can't force you to connect
and start to see things my way
When I call your name
You Just run away
I'm not going to chase you anymore

I don't see why I should waste my time
Trying to keep you by my side
When I know that you will never be satisfied with anything I do
I have always loved you for who you are
but you've wanted me to change from the start
and I'm tired of wasting all my time trying to impress you

every time we fight
I'm stuck in your gaslight
I tell you how I feel
But you act like it isn't real
then somehow try to make it
So you're the one invalidated
I don't want to play these games anymore
Track Name: Another Break up Song
I try so hard to forget
But all I can do is regret
All the stupid things that I did
and all the hurtful words that I said
you also did things that you never meant
it got harder and harder to forgive
neither of us wanted to relive
those moments over and over again
I wish that things could have been different

I've got your number on my phone
you don't call me anymore
I've got your picture on my wall
I can't look at it at all
We used to be so close
you were who I loved the most
I feel like it is still true
But Now I've gotta learn to live without you

If I wasn't what you wanted
You could have told me
And been honest
In order to fix things you'd have to try
find all the problems
and figure out why
but you left me instead and of course it hurt
you thought leaving me lonely
is what would make things work
it's no surprise you're with him now that we finally part
why didn't you just get it over with
the first time that you broke my heart?
and it brings me down
that you're not around
yeah it brings me down
Track Name: Sonic Mistress
I am way up in the sky
floating i've closed my eyes
to all the things that that blight
my vision of the future
which is very bright
I light a cigarette tonight
the smoke it calms my mind

She's never ever quiet
She always fills the silence
And any time I'm down
She lifts me off the ground
I really think that I'm in love

I put my feet back on the ground
beholding all I've found
in this story book I call my life
I walk through this chapter
and on to the next page
where i step onto stage
and finally live my life

Track Name: Fantasy World
I listen to what other people say
it doesn't matter any way
I can see a bit of them in myself
memories where people laugh
sometimes caputured in photographs
it will be written as my epitaph
all that I can do for myself

is feel the cold and the warm
the sun and the rain
whats real in all of it's colorfull array
it appears to go back and forth
to and fro it sways
everything everywhere on display

Everything we'll do and all that we've done
Everything is happening at once

I look through the pages of history
at all the people who interest me
poets prophets revolutionaries
and philosophers
some have said this is the end
but i've watched so much begin
I feel with all of my heart
the time it is now