Folk Punk Troubadour

by Bloth

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released June 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Bloth Appleton, Wisconsin

Bloth is a Fox Valley Wisconsin based multi-instrumentalist that composes and records his own albums. Each album that Bloth creates has it's own sound and theme, but is always done with a Do-It-Yourself Punk Rock aesthetic.
Some artists that Bloth has been compared to include Pat The Bunny, Daniel Johnston, Cage The Elephant, Thurston Moore and Neutral Milk Hotel.
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Track Name: We Are Free
Everything is free
the system is a lie
it's all just pieces of paper we let control our lives
I thought that we
were supposed to be
a shining light of liberty for the whole world to see
we are all free
at least we're supposed to be
but we're all fucking that up pretty bad
Aren't we?

I don't understand
how they call this God's Holy Promised land
while we sink it into sand
we stole America
What Joke it is that we
have people who claim that we're free
we need to fight the tyranny
that's in our lives


Every bogus law
and every border drawn
has a demonizing cause
separating us all
when will we understand
when the man holds out his hands
its just a part of his plan
he's not gonna give us help
the world cannot afford
to fight these endless wars
we can't take this anymore
it has to stop

Track Name: LSD PSA
Peter McPeterson
You're a normal guy
Peter McPeterson
Why oh why?
Peter McPeterson
Do you think you're the one?

He was trippin on the beach
listening to a preacher preach
that was talking about the Holy Trinity
Peter started thinking he was one of three
now he' thinks that he's is christ
he' thinks he's Jesus Chirst
He realized He is Jesus, He thinks that he's Jesus


He thinks that his chirst
He thinks that he could be
He can walk on water
and his blood runs wine
he thinks that he could be
more than he could ever be
cause he realized he was Jesus
now he thinks that he is Jesus

Track Name: Vegan Girlfriend
I really want a vegan girlfriend
she'd be so good from me
she'd show me the ways of vegan cuisine
and I'd quit eating meat
I really want a vegan girlfriend
I would treat her so true
and all of the cows and chickens
that used to end up in my kitchen
will really love us too

She'll bring me to the store
and show me all the ways
of eating foods that aren't animal based
cruelty free dining for me
and the girl of my dreams
when I crave meat
I'll wanna sneak a burger
but she might find out
I wouldn't wanna hurt her
I wanna show her that I deserve her
and I love her more than a juicy burger


All my friends they all eat meat
I try to quit but it's such a treat
I feel guilty for making cows bleed
I know that I don't actually need
To eat body parts that come from other beings
if I quit eating meat it would feel so freeing

Track Name: Police State Riot
They say fireworks should light up the sky
We should Celebrate on the fourth of July
for the progress we've made
and the lives that we've saved
what a fucking disgrace
They have riot police
to push back the crowds
make the battle intesify
if we scream it too loud
when we tell then we don't wanna pay for their wars
the cops show us theres no real freedom of speech anymore

They pushed us back and sprayed us with gas
the cops high on power kept pushing so fast
not caring for little children who fell on their asses
their family shouldn't have been there
put em in the cops paths

We said we know we're in this war to continue this situation
where business controls the government in these oligarchy nations
we know you send our sons and daughters
to oil fields for thier slaughter
while you got cars that run on water
in your crazy fucked up world

and they pushed us back and sprayed us with gas
as we were all crying the politicians laughed
the cops didn't see we're on righteous path
cause the American way is just fascism today
as we pushed and we screamed "this is what we believe"
the cops shut our mouths these days on our own streets
make room for the new american way
and their empire american age
Track Name: Why Do We Drink?
I don't know why I always wanna drink alcohol
it makes me feel like shit when I wake up in the morning
It doesn't even really make me feel that great at all
when the intoxication hits me without any warning
I don't remember what I said at all
how'd you get on the phone?
I didn't wanna let you know right now

I don't know why we love alcohol

I don't know why we always wanna drink alcohol
we fill up on our wine when we have a real good time
I didn't wanna say shit at all
but when I'm drunk I say what's on my mind
I don't know why I drink it makes me feel like shit
But I will never quit
Cause I'm an idiot

I don't know why we love alcohol
we drink a bottle every night
we drink a bottle or two or three or four or five
I don't know why we love alcohol
Track Name: Know It All
All in all you're right
you're a know it all and you're right
and we should all learn to bask in your light
and not waste all of you're precious time

I know what you're saying
you don't have to explain
your side
through your eyes
I know what you're doing
couldn't send me to ruin
if you tried
with all your might

All in all you're right
someday we'll fully realize
you were onto something I couldn't understand
and I'll never live up to all your plans
all in all it's true
there's a shadow in the light of you
and it won't matter once you made it so far
you realize that vision from when you were seeing stars
Track Name: Feeling Like Mulder
Sometimes i really wanna fade away
i wanna disappear
said i realy wanna leave the earth
and go far away from here
hijack a ufo from area 51
you can come with me on my journey
I'll be flying far past the sun

Sometimes I think my DNA
has got some secret code
and sometimes i feel like my thoughts
are moving so fast
my heads gonna explode
from the wifi waves
and the internet slaves
from the intended attention defecit gaze
I feel like i'm trapped on this place
I feel like i have to escape

Please don't chase me
don't try to find me
theres so much more than this
so many barriers that bind me
Star people in the sky
I know you can read my mind
What is holding us back
I found the truth
all of the words are
covered in black
Track Name: Earth Will Go On
My thoughts are flowing like a river
and I can't get it out my head
the way we treat the mother earth
When its us that will wind up dead

the Earth will go on...

I'm sorry I just wrote this I don't remember all the words. I need to listen to my own song more... haha.