High Expectations

by Bloth

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Emily Piasecki
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Emily Piasecki I got to hear this song performed live at a house show, and it was wonderful. It's been awhile since I've heard something live and immediately knew that I would purchase it as soon as I got home. Favorite track: High Expectations.
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released April 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Bloth Appleton, Wisconsin

Bloth is a Fox Valley Wisconsin based multi-instrumentalist that composes and records his own albums. Each album that Bloth creates has it's own sound and theme, but is always done with a Do-It-Yourself Punk Rock aesthetic.
Some artists that Bloth has been compared to include Pat The Bunny, Daniel Johnston, Cage The Elephant, Thurston Moore and Neutral Milk Hotel.
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Track Name: Rock N Roll Girl
You look so good maybe you should see
what you look like next to me
we don't have to start a family tree
I just think you'd look good sitting next to me
cause baby it's such simplicity like 1 2 3 you next to me
you know it is such simplicity
like 1 2 3 you next to me

and you don't know how long
i've been waiting
for a girl like you
i've been saying
need a girl like you
I've been saying need a girl like you
i've been stating

you're a rock n roll girl and that's why i like you
i hope that you dig me too
it should be obvious what is true
you should know by now what I want to do



I know what you want
when you walk up to me
and we star coversating
I can see in your eyes what you're contemplating
and you don't know how long I've been waiting
Track Name: Hermiting
Feeling Like I have nowhere to go
looking out my window
watching all of the falling snow
thinking how lately i've been too lazy

What's the outside world like
How do you do?
What has happened lately
I haven't watched the news

The world around me
can be so hard and so strange
But I stay inside my head
Where I have no reasons to complain
When there's nothing to do
I try to put my time to good use
when there's no one around
I stay inside and I play with sounds

What's the outside world like how do you do
What has happened lately I have not watched the news
Sometimes I get tired of everything
Maybe I'll show myself again in the spring time.
Track Name: Enlighten Me
I wish I could be full of energy
so happy with life
I wish I
I wish I could see
The way it's supposed be instead
Of how it translates in my head
For just one second
I wish things would make sense

I wish I could see
See what I'm supposed to be
An asset to society
I wish I could see
see what I'm supposed to be
Would you enlighten me?

I wish I could see everything's going to be okay
Everyone will get employed
So our lives again can be enjoyed
I wish that we could kill all of our enemies
All of our troops deployed
So the world won't be destroyed
Yes we should let them drop the bombs
i've learned to love the bombs,
we all should love the bombs

they broadcasted it live
they dropped and made such pretty lights

I hope the children see
What they need to be
And help this society
I hope that we can kill
Until we find peace
In the name of the free

(I want to be like everyone)
Track Name: High Expectations
I need a higher par of marijuana cigar
To smoke in my car and drive to the stars
My tolerance is high and I am not
So I'm scraping all the crystals off my pot

She was beautiful
She was a poet queen
The girl of my dreams
She had me enchanted but I took her for granted
After getting used to the love I need
I left her in a haze after a couple of days
It was far too late, It couldn't be saved
It wasn't until then I saw how lucky I was
I blew it because
When you get used to beauty even when it's so consuming
after a while it just don't feel the same anymore

that's why CHORUS

Expectations are hard to live up to
if we place them too high
You gotta stay steady in the ebb and flow of life
or you might get washed up in the tide.
Maybe someday I will find my balance
and finally feel satisfied.


Then I know I'd have it made
then I'd think my life is great
I would be happy every single day

For now
I need a higher par of marijuana cigar
to smoke in my car
Track Name: Goodbye
Some of my best memories
were made with you
I cherish those moments
but what can I do
I've written you letters
I've written you songs
but I guess that I've been doing it all wrong

So Goodbye

I wanted to spend time with you and get high
you couldn't get past me
so you told me the truth
you are my everything or my dreams
I'm sorry, you're mistaken, my valentine queen
I bet I've told you a million times
but when it comes to perceiving me
you're dumb, deaf and blind

So Goodbye