Love is Hard

by Bloth

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released April 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Bloth Appleton, Wisconsin

Bloth is a Fox Valley Wisconsin based multi-instrumentalist that composes and records his own albums. Each album that Bloth creates has it's own sound and theme, but is always done with a Do-It-Yourself Punk Rock aesthetic.
Some artists that Bloth has been compared to include Pat The Bunny, Daniel Johnston, Cage The Elephant, Thurston Moore and Neutral Milk Hotel.
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Track Name: Just Friends
What did you expect
I would do when I see you again
Act like this never happened
and we were always just friends?

Seems like even though you believed it
you didn't wanna step forward and let anyone see it
i don' t think anyone would be surprised
probably figured you had opened your eyes
because if you actually gave this a chance
we could have a perfect romance

you know this is more than a chemical reaction
we find in each other to gain satisfaction
you know this more than a word that we utter
while we have our arms around each other
you can act like I don't care
but you know that I do
there is no one I care about more than you
and you know it's true

What do you want me to do?
Act like this was never true
what do you expect me to say
the perfect words to make this go away?

Well you can let this boil and linger on
then you will look and I'll be gone
and it's likely someday you will see
you won't find somebody else like me
and if you would've opened your eyes
and you would've give this a better try


Someday you will sift through the endless sea
and see why it's hard to find somebody like
I've seen so many people that say that they care
you always see in the end that they're never there
I can't believe you listen to these words I say
and wonder how you let them drift away

Track Name: Sara
You're always welcome to come over
I could never ever mind
Cause even when we aren't doing anything at all
I don't feel I'm wasting time
Every time that I meet you
I can't believe you're walking towards me
The most pleasurable feeling I've ever known
Is when our lips meet.

You are all I've ever wanted
Used to dream of you when I'd sleep
Now I wake up next to you
The best love that I could ever keep

You are so beautiful, Sara
How did this dream come true?
I'm so glad that I have you Sare
Cause I'm so in love with you
I'm so in love with you.
Track Name: When I see her Face
I remember when I met you
I was younger I was so confused
You know I didn't know what to do
When you were on to me
I remember how it felt so fine
A beautiful girl wanted to be mine
but as time passed I soon realized
maybe it was a lie
but even now I still think of you
wishing a love could someday be true
I'm at a loss, I don't know what to do
When I see your face.

I don't know Why I still feel this way
I wish that I could make it go away
Cause I still don't know what to do or say
when I see your face

(That's not entirely correct, I'm lazy. Sorry.)
Track Name: You're the Only one I Want
I like it when you're around
I'm happy when you talk to meif
You make me melt for you
when I'm in your company
my time is never wasted
when you fill it up
no one else matters to me
you're the only one I want

Sorry if after I kissed you
I moved to fast
I was just naive to what I had done
Until it was in the past
When you said you couldn't come over
I already saw how you felt about it thats why
I panicked
I just wanted to explain it to your face
and make everything alright

I really need to tell you
that I want you close to me
I really hope
it won't be waste of energy
there's no one who makes me feel this way
No one else has what you got
I really hope you like me
How I like you
You're the Only one I want
Track Name: It's Alright
Where is your mind?
I guess you're blind
give up your time
I don't care
At all
God bless
You're mine
Confess your mind and your mind
and your feelings now
I love you
your inside and outside
where is my heart?
it's in your hands you hold it
where is my mind?
i'm out of it
I've sold it to you

Every minute is another minute that I
wish I was spending inside with you

Where is my guitar?
It's in your car
where are our hearts?
Pointing eyes to the stars
like a compass
you are
Like everything in the ocean
you are
like everything in the sky
you are
like everything in the green green grass
you are
so beautiful
you could break my heart like glass

every minute is another minute that I
wish that I was spending outside with you

Do you care?
As I stare at your eyes like the ocean
do you go?
Hair that grows like the green green grass
do you care?
Skin so soft,
you're so perfect
do you care?
you like it when i touch
you don't care
I like it when I'm with you
I can't but wanna touch you
Everything is gonna be alright
Cause I got you
and you got me too
everythings alright
every minute that I'm spending with you
It's alright
Track Name: Abby
We try to see things eye to eye
but when we try to make things right
we both are living two separate lives
and things just don't align
though I don't wanna quit at all
we just keep running into a wall
and our love should not be our downfall
i think its time to let this go

you know I love you madly
and that I leave you sadly
cause this only can end badly
we just can't play this game
there is no one to blame
things could never be the same

How many times must we roll the dice
and see that it doesn't come out right
before we take our own advice
and stop wasting all our time?
I can't see a world without you
But i know it couldn't be further from the truth
if our love still can be of any use
I think it's time we let this go