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Album art by Aya Mori


released May 4, 2017

Written, arranged, and produced by J.P.W AKA Bloth



all rights reserved


Bloth Appleton, Wisconsin

Bloth is a Fox Valley Wisconsin based multi-instrumentalist that composes and records his own albums. Each album that Bloth creates has it's own sound and theme, but is always done with a Do-It-Yourself Punk Rock aesthetic.
Some artists that Bloth has been compared to include Pat The Bunny, Daniel Johnston, Cage The Elephant, Thurston Moore and Neutral Milk Hotel.
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Track Name: Action/Reaction
They say that every single action
has an equal opposite reaction
make sense of it to gain some traction now
I don't know what it is doing
All I know is our lives end so soon
Just try to make the most of it somehow

And stay fresh
cause you're not gonna be here long
do your best
to keep on holding on
when life's a mess
you gotta stay strong
sometimes it feels like we know what we're doing
but we never know what's going on

(I don't know what it is I'm saying
It's so hard to explain
just try to do the best I can some how)

I just try to live the way I'd like to live
and move forward
I'll never figure out what this is
and it's strange
we'll never know what's true
the only meaning is what we make
that's why I want to make love to you

Track Name: It'll work out
I've been thinking about this every day
how i can feel myself fading away
I really don't know what I believe
I really don't know what I need
I've been trying to focus on what is right
but I'm not entirely sure what that is
I've been trying not to disconnect myself
but I've been feeling a strain from giving a shit

What do I need?
do I need anything?
What do I need?
Drifting rainbows
what I need
go where they go
What do I believe?
feelings fleeting
All that I see is believing
the thought could be so freeing

I've been trying so hard
to think that every thing will be ok
desperation is a real thing
seems like it's cause we don't know what we need
love and kindness goes a long way
but I love you seems so hard to say
what is happening to this world?
I don't wanna live this way anymore

What do I need?
To say I love you
What do I see?
A world of pain
What do I believe?
I'm not indifferent
I believe
This is insane
We all need a little more kindness
to remember the sun is shining

I think every thing will be ok
we just have to keep thinking that way
I can't get down on myself anymore
I can't think of one good reason that that's for
Everything is gonna be ok
Track Name: Beauty Never Dies
It is just like the days
they come and fade away
blur together and transform
into a light of gray
it is just like the sky
mysterious and high
until the color fades

why do we have to try
try to feel alright?
how come we cannot smile
at the simple things in life?
All you have to do is look at the stars in the sky
to see beauty never dies
true beauty never dies

I have thought long and hard
about why things are the way they are
some things will never change
but they never stay the same
I think we all need to realize
the only peace we could truly find
is our peace of mind
maybe someday we'll see it in hindsight

Track Name: I got a Mandolin
I got a bunch of instruments and they all make noises!

(thats how I make my songs in my studio thanks for buying my records and coming to my shows)
Track Name: I'm Over You
I'm finally over you
I'm no longer in love with you
all you ever did
is make me feel blue
feels so good to have my heart align with the truth

you were never any good for me
you never really cared about me
feels so good to finally be free
I know a girl who's in love with me

I tried so hard
to show you how much I cared
you assumed I'd always just be there
now someone else gets the love I have to share
Someone who actually cares about me

I'm finally over you
I don't love you anymore
Now there's someone else who I adore
yes, I don't love you anymore
Track Name: Home in our Hearts
I really hope I don't feel like an idiot for writing this song
cause I don't want to admit to myself you just strung me along
but I know in my heart we cannot yet part, it's too soon for this to be gone.
though it doesn't yet show I think we both know
you didn't do anything wrong

Cause I'm supposed to be with you
you're supposed to be with me
if you don't look past it, it's not that hard to see
you could never be ready for something that's just not meant to be
and the heart, it knows no contracts when it's free

Our hearts cannot lie, it can't be denied
it could never be wrong to do what is right
it's easy to see that this is unique
when our lips meet it is electricity
set yourself free and come with me
the world is a canvas on which our hearts will bleed
you are what I need
I cannot stop thinking


You are so wonderful
I need to let you know
I might only have one chance
and I can't just let you go
and I can feel it deep inside my sould
in my heart you could find a home
and in your heart I could find a home
there is nowhere in this world that we couldn't go
In each others hearts we will find a home
In our hearts we will find a home